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Desmond Luke was the chairman, yes. So we went to Hotel Ivoire the following morning. Mr Deen-Jalloh and his wife came and met us there. So we were sitting at the lounge when we said we had actually spoken to Mr Sankoh, he was not prepared to talk to us. Desmond did not believe it at all. He said as chairman - I told him, "But you are the chairman. We just spoke to him because I know that if we did not tell him last night that we were here he was going to tell us you should have told me. So that's why I was able to tell him. But you are the chairman, you can call him."

He called him and he told him the same thing the first day. The second day he called him, he did not change his position at all. The third day he also called him. All the time he was begging him. The third day when Desmond got tired, he told him, he said, "Brother Sankoh, a lot of people are supporting you, but they want to do it maturely. A lot of people agree with your vision, but they want to identify with it maturely. Most of us Sierra Leoneans know why the war actually started. That is why we support you. But we cannot come out until we see seriousness in you. Therefore, if you don't see us, nobody will lose half as much as you at the end of the day." He said, "You will be the greatest loser." Then he put down the phone.

Then we arranged to go inform the Foreign Ministry, Mr Amara Essy, the Foreign Minister. Mr Amara Essy sent Ambassador Abdulai to see him, to see Foday Sankoh if he could convince him.

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