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He and Ambrose Ganda were there, although the NPRC people resisted their presence. And when we came to the final negotiation with the civilians, with the Government of Sierra Leone, they also came. He came. And when they came, the first day they were present. The second day, Momodu Koroma, who was on the government side and who was also on the political wing of the negotiations, asked to know their identities in terms of the negotiation; whether they were with RUF or with the government. They simply said they were private citizens of Sierra Leone who were also interested in peace for the country and that that is why they had paid their own money to come and be part of that negotiation at least by way of witnessing it.

Mr Momodu Koroma and others said no, you have to give us an identity - a very clear identity before we can allow you in here, because as a Sierra Leonean we don't allow any Sierra Leonean in here who doesn't have an identity, either the RUF or the government. So the two of them were asked out, which means they did not take part in the negotiations in Abidjan with the Government of Sierra Leone - in which Government of Sierra Leone was involved.

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