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No, we did not with them at all. In terms of the agreement, we did not meet with them at all, because Foday Sankoh said he and Captain Palmer were going to deal with the combatants while we deal with the civilians. So we gathered all the civilians at the Methodist - no, at the district education committee school in Balahun. That was where we gathered all the civilians and we read the accord to them line by line and explained it to them in Mende line by line, in Mende and Kissi because there were Mende and Kissi together. We read it line by line and we said we were there to seek their mandate.

We asked them to tell us anything they wanted us to change in the accord. What they told us, through their spokesman, was that they were with us, they were tired with the war, they were tired of staying in the bush, they were too far from Freetown, they were too far from the reality for too long, they said they were tired so they are with us. They understood everything that was in there. So they told us to tell Foday Sankoh to go sign the accord on their behalf.

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