The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

We find that all of the five documents tendered as MFI-1 to 5 are relevant and therefore admissible on their face.

Now, in relation to MFI-1 and the objections raised by Mr Munyard, we find that those objections go to weight rather than the admissibility of the document, and therefore we overrule the objections.

Accordingly, MFI-1, the document entitled "Article RUF still kills and rapes Sierra Leoneans" comprising three pages is now admitted as exhibit P-516.

The document marked MFI-2, which is described by Ms Hollis earlier, is now exhibit P-517.

The document marked as MFI-3 comprising one page and described earlier by Ms Hollis is now admitted as exhibit P-518 and will remain confidential.

The document marked MFI-4 as described by Ms Hollis comprising the three CMS pages 23830, 23892, and 23893, those three pages, are now admitted as exhibit P-519 and will remain confidential.

MFI-5 comprising pages 25381 and 25592, those two pages are admitted as exhibit P-520 and will remain confidential.

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