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The Defence have no difficulty with MFIs 2, 3, 4 and 5. Our submission in relation to MFI-1 behind tab 2 in the bundle is that all of it is claimed to be based on other sources. The document itself is said to be AFROL archives or come from AFROL archives, and it's our submission that the document on its face is no more than a purported series of extracts from other documents. And if the Prosecution wish to rely on such document as an exhibit, then they should put in the originals which are patently obviously clearly available to the Court. In other words, the material from Human Rights Watch and the AFROL archives. Otherwise, there is no way of the Court knowing whether or not these particular extracts have been correctly transcribed from original documents. So for that reason, the Defence object to the admission into evidence of this purported series of extracts from other published material.

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