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Okay. The camp that Mr Ngebeh established on Teko Road, it was the Catholic mission that owned that camp. And after the 25 December attack, all of them fled. They went. After my return from Waterloo to establish a base, I decided to take care of those areas. And when I went there, I did not meet anybody around there except the war victims who were being taken care of by the Catholic mission. I established myself there. I put the people together. I was taking care of them. I maintained the compound. Every asset that I met in there, I made sure that they were well protected. The Bishop met me in Makeni. He toured through the compound and he can tell that the area where Charles Ngebeh was based was well taken care of. He praised me for that and he told me that I should continue to take care.

The only problem that I encountered in that compound was when a jet bombarded the place, a helicopter gunship also bombarded the place and they said I was armoury officer for RUF, that was why. And during that event two civilians lost their lives. So that was the reason why I told the civilians that I was going to move from that area. But if you ask anybody who knows about that, they will tell you that I took very good care of that place. Thank you, my Lord.

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