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We who were taken to the training base were four. For security reasons I would have told you their names. I can't tell their names now. Two have died and two of us are alive. After that we went for the G4. The one that made us five was Joseph Brown. He was G4. But armourer, we were responsible for artillery. G4, those were the three sections that comprised the unit; armourer, artillery and G4. We have the G4s, we have the artillery and the armourers. But as an arms specialist, all these - I was responsible for all these two areas. Because if I am trained to make a weapon, I can't take care of ammunition. The G4s were responsible for taking care of arms and ammunition. The artillery, they were responsible for firing the heavy weapons. When I had been trained as arms specialist, I cannot serve the movement as arms specialist. I had to train people to fire that weapon. That formed the artillery. So I trained some RUF personnel how to fire the artillery. From there they formed the G4. This G4 who was the commander, that was Joseph Brown. He was the commander. Thank you, my Lord.

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