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Yes, Madam President. All documents marked on the basis of requests made by the Defence for identification, we respectfully move that they be admitted into evidence. In particular I believe we had the witness mark MFI-1 - well, we had the witness sign MFI-1, as well as MFI-2 and just today we asked the Chamber to identify what has become MFI-4A.

Now, in respect of MFI-4A, it is part of a larger document. I have been notified by the Court Management Officer of a practical difficulty they face with the document. MFI-4A corresponds with ERN number 00027317. On the reverse side of the page, a single page, is what your Honour has marked as part of MFI-4, and that one has the ERN number of 00027318. Essentially the signature page of this purported statement was marked as part of MFI-4 and the page preceding the signature page has now been marked as MFI-4A.

So the proposal from us would be that, with leave of the Chamber, subject to the consent of the Prosecution, perhaps the entire document, that is the three relevant pages which have been marked for identification, pages 1, the signature page, both consisting or constituting MFI-4, be joined as one exhibit with MFI-4A, which is the page before the signature page. So we are asking for one exhibit number in respect of three pages from the same document.

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