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Your Honour, I believe what the transcribers were suggesting is that when today's transcript is issued, when there is a citation to 31 March, they will put in the correct page and they will be able to match it by looking at the language that was cited. I am not sure, I didn't download the new transcript, but actually I don't quite understand how the pages come out as counsel said. I take his word for it because as I look at it, the transcript of the 30th was 140 pages. The new transcript, it should simply - the transcript of the 31st, it should be able that we simply add 140 to whatever page was cited and that would be the correct page number, but that didn't work out compared to what counsel was citing.

But my suggestion is just to ask the transcribers, and then of course it would be the duty of the parties to check the transcript an alert the Court about any errors in the citations. We will do that.

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