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I can assist with this, Madam President. I have downloaded from my email, while Madam Court Manager was speaking, the re-issued transcript, so I will just repeat the relevant pages I have cited. From 31 of March I cited - this is the previous pagination - 38215, and I side that in relation to a question that learned Counsel opposite posed regarding an investigator and MFI-4 and MFI-4A. The correct page now in the re-issued transcript for that station is 38360. So that's one citation I made to the transcript of yesterday. The correct page would be 38360, the relevant lines being 21 to 23.

I also cited a page in yesterday's transcript regarding the Jungle Fire Reaction Force, and the page I cited previously was 38209. The correct page in the re-issued transcript just circulated would be page 38350. This is where the witness speaks about the Jungle Fire Reaction Force, and the relevant lines would be line 7 through line 21 of page 38350 in lieu of page 38209. I think those are the two references I have made to yesterday's transcript.

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