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Thank you, Madam President. May we go to the transcript of 30 March, page 38262. This is now cross-examination. Starting at line 10. Mr Vincent, during cross-examination you were read the transcript I have just read from last Wednesday's session, at page 37964 of last Wednesday's session, and this question was posed to you by counsel opposite after he read you what you said last Wednesday. At line 10:

"Q. So, sir, was that the truth; that you were with the

NPFL from June to September 1990?

A. That is not correct. I was within their controlled

territory, but I joined the NPFL in September. I was not

NPFL until September. So you say from June to September,

you might be correct one way, that I was in their

controlled territory and I had no option but to, you know,

undergo any consequence that I would have undergone until I

joined them."

Now, my question is simple. Did you join the NPFL in June or in September of 1990, Mr Vincent?

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