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Let me start from the beginning. On the transcript of the 24th, when I started my examination with you at page 37964, lines 14 to 16, this is what counsel opposite read to you on Tuesday this week. There was a question I asked you very early in the examination, I said, line 14:

"Q. We just need to know the period, the months that you

were with the NPFL?

A. From June 1990 to September 1990."

That was on Wednesday last week, the 24th. On Thursday, the 25th, at line 16 of the page I gave before, 37982, these questions were asked of you and you gave this response:

"Q. Would you refer to that rope as a checkpoint,

Mr Vincent?

A. Well, it was a checkpoint for the NPFL.

Q. How long were you assigned to the checkpoint?

A. I was assigned there from the time that I stopped

selling up to September 8, 1990. September 8, 1990.

Q. And the time when you stopped selling, was it in June

of 1990?

A. It was not in June 1990. In June 1990, Bong Mines was

captured, as I have said. A week later I started my

business. But when the harassment went on, it was in

September. It was in this September that the harassment

went on. From there, I went to the MP office and gave

myself up and that I would want to be part of the NPFL. It

was in that same September that I started manning that

gate - that checkpoint."

Mr Vincent, did you join the NPFL in June or in September of 1990?

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