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Thank you, Mr Vincent. I want to read to you something you said from yesterday's transcript. This is at page 38350 from yesterday's transcript, 31 March 2010. Line 10 or thereabouts is where I will begin. Well, we might start at line 7 to start at the beginning of the sentence. You gave this in response to a question and the question concerned the SOD, a unit you said that was within the police in Liberia. Your response in part was this:

"And I believe that any commander could do that with his forces, because even in my own case, like I said, when I entered Liberia, I became AFL. But apart from the authorities in our position, we created our own name that we called Jungle Fire and Quick Reaction Force, so we could give names to our forces that the authorities might not know about."

Let's pause there. Was it the case, Mr Vincent, that Armed Forces of Liberia personnel located in a particular county away from Monrovia could designate names or characterise themselves by names that the persons you referred to as the authorities might not know about?

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