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Thank you, Mr Vincent. That's all I have with the document. Mr Vincent, yesterday you were read transcripts from the evidence of Perry Kamara, radio operator. The transcript in question was from 5 February 2008 and the page I wish to focus on is page 3166. This was in relation to questions about persons within the RUF having their bodies marked by herbalists. Page 3166 of 5 February 2008's transcript at line 12. The question was posed to Perry Kamara:

"Q. And where was this? Where were these marks applied

to you?

A. For those in Buedu, we were there when he did this.

For those of us who came from Kono, we came to Superman

Ground. They were calling according to the camp you come

from. At first they started at Superman Ground and all of

us from Superman Ground, we all got ours. And then other

camps, they will call from the other camps and then they

will sell 50s after 50s. That is how they continued until

everybody was marked. Nobody escaped the markings."

Mr Vincent, my question to you is this: Were you ever marked by a herbalist in the vicinity of Superman Ground in Kono when you were a member of the RUF?

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