The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Mr Zaymay, Zigzag Marzah says that you were surviving on looting. Page 5862, line 11:

"Q. Now, Mr Witness, before the election of Charles Taylor

as President, were the NPFL soldiers paid any salary?

A. Before election, or after elections?

Q. Before the election.

A. No, we had go ahead that what - wheresoever we

captured, what we got there was for us. So, we were

encouraged to battle. We were not physically paid, no."

Do you follow what Zigzag Marzah is saying, Mr Zaymay? He says before Mr Taylor was elected President, the NPFL was not - the NPFL fighters were not paid anything and you were surviving on looting. Actually, you were encouraged to go into battle, and that would be your opportunity to loot. What's your comment?

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