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The order came. When Degbon left the base and went to Ivory Coast, Degbon met Mr Taylor and told Mr Taylor that Prince Johnson gave orders to execute some Special Forces. It was then that Taylor sent a letter of arrest. I received the letter of arrest and gave him the letter of arrest - I was the 1st Battalion commander - saying that we should arrest Prince Johnson saying that he had gone against the SOP. So all of us, the commanders, held a meeting, and we discussed that it will not be easy to arrest Prince Johnson, because he had a unit called the task force - that it would not be easy to arrest him, and if we attempted to arrest Prince Johnson, if we failed, in fact, in trying to arrest Prince Johnson, there would have been an attack against each - the two groups, and we - there would have been a bloodshed because it would have led to gunfire between us. So the best we said we could do was to escape from Prince Johnson. That was how we escaped from Prince Johnson and went to Mr Taylor in Gborplay. Prince Johnson was never even arrested in Tiaplay.

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