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You have told this Court that you then went and established a base at Tiaplay. Now, you have also told this Court about the split between - the split when Prince Johnson left and formed his own group. Now I am going to refer you to the evidence of Zigzag Marzah on that issue and I will ask you to comment on it. I am going to refer, Madam President, to page 5853, line 29. That's the last line to the next page. This is what Zigzag Marzah says about the conflict involving Prince Johnson:

"After Tiaplay, that was where we were and a conflict erupted between - among the Special Forces. Between the Special Forces and Prince Johnson who was our commander. And each time we captured an area, Prince Johnson would send a letter to our leader Mr Taylor and the Special Forces would take the letters from the envelope and then they would send a counter letter against Prince Johnson. From there Prince Johnson deployed us to go as far as Tappita and on our way moving, they, the Special Forces, against him, they had a conflict. So he went away and from there some of the Special Forces came and arrested me. They took me to Gborplay."

The part I want you to comment on particularly is: Do you know whether Zigzag Marzah was ever arrested?

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