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Now, I am going to refer you back to the transcript and I am going to refer you to the evidence of Zigzag Marzah. Just for the record, again, it's the transcript of 12 March 2008. I will probably start at page 5851 - or, rather, let me start at 5850.

Now, Mr Zaymay, I am going to refer you to the evidence of Zigzag Marzah who testified for the Prosecution in this case. When Zigzag Marzah came before this Court he told the Court that he was a member of the Armed Forces of Liberia, the AFL, from 1978 to 1985 when he went into exile in Ivory Coast and in Ivory Coast he was in a place called Zongwe.

Madam President, I do not wish to read that part of the evidence. It's at page 5850. I will read the relevant part which I want the witness to comment on on the following page.

At page 58581, line 3, Mr Marzah was asked about the time he returned to Liberia and the question was:

"Q. Okay. Thank you. Now, when you returned to Liberia,

were you alone or were you with a group?

A. Yes. I came back along with Prince Johnson's group who

were about 17 and I was recruited by him in Ivory Coast."

I will go on to the next page where Mr Marzah gives a bit more detail - or, rather, let me end there and ask you this: You said when you entered Liberia you were headed by Prince Johnson. Do you remember Zigzag Marzah being part of your group?

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