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Because I was providing security for him. I was a Military Police commander on the base. Whenever - and I had the unit. We installed a form of discipline on the base. I had - there was a small room that I used to control as a cell, a confinement room, for rude, indisciplined soldiers. Then I had a small office at the entrance off the house close to the step that I took as my Military Police headquarters. I had men with me. I was the Military Police commander on the base. I was responsible for the leader's security. And that was organised by our head, that whenever the leader was coming to the base, when we had been informed, I should deploy men to the gate to receive him. When he comes, the security would receive him and bring them to the building.

At that time everybody would be at the auditorium waiting for his arrival. From the building, if he was staying the night, there was a small place prepared there, a small building, like those small - like those small containers or houses prepared - some small house would be - a small house would be prepared. Sometimes when he comes, that is where he spends the night. I will provide guards to that door at that house. At that house. Nobody was allowed to enter there. Even our own Liberian trainees were not allowed, apart from the top. So there was no way for anybody to even go there to talk to him. That's how it happened.

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