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So my brother-in-law prepared my ID card and brought it, and I had now spent a long time in the bush and I grew beard. So I sent for my wife. She came and I told her to look for 500 for me because I said I wanted to leave that place. And she told me if I went, I will be killed. But then she went and brought the 500 - $500 Liberian. At that time the transportation was less. Things were not costly by then. So she brought the 500 and I told her to go for my food. When she left to go for the food, while she was going I started making my way. I went and I got a car on the highway. I took the car to go to Kakata. And when I got to Kakata, I got into another car to go to Gbarnga. And at Gbarnga, I got - I found another car for Sanniquellie Nimba. And from Nimba I found a car for Karnplay. And from Karnplay I took a car to Gborplay. And when I got to Gborplay - no, I first found a car to Gbailay because Gbailay was the border point with Ivory Coast and from that town to the Waterside was a short distance, and from there you enter into Ivory Coast.

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