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"God bless - that God bless your daughter, she will live long. But if we were to see T Zaymay here, we were going to decapitate the both of them and take their heads to the President. And that if we were to see T Zaymay here, we were going to kill him on the spot. We will take T Zaymay's head, your daughter's head and we will take them to the President. So now your daughter is free. She can go."

But he said, "The things we are doing now are not small. Those Nimba County rebels, they think they are clever. We fooled them. We asked them to come for double pay. But when they came, there was a whole force of Doe's rebels from Nimba County, the Gio and the Mano. We collected them and took them to Camp Schefflein. We buried them alive - many of them alive in the same hole. So it's not easy." And they left. So I stayed in the bush.

That very night, at about 1 to 2 o'clock, my wife came to me crying. She explained everything. She said, "I suffered and I really suffered," but I told her, "Forget about it." And by then I was now deciding to leave the country. But how could I get to Nimba? So I stayed there and I did not know much because I was thinking that this guy could come back at any time. I didn't know. I did not want to put my family's life in danger, so I decided to stay in the bush for a while.

I was there. They will cook at home and bring my food. I stayed there until I grew beards and I was still there. And I sent Yassieh, my brother-in-law, I sent for him. He came. He went and prepared some kind of false ID card that I was a PPF security. I had grown so much beards and I was now planning to leave the area and go into exile.

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