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So I left and went to the bush. And the same day Yassieh left, it was that very day in the evening around 6 to 7, a boss arrived in the yard with some MPs on board and they were headed by one Corporal Clay. C-L-A-Y.

And when they got to the compound, there was one - there were - I'm talking about a two-buildings, twin residence, right at the back of Careysburg when you are heading towards Kakata. And when they got into the compound, they rushed into the two houses and they started conducting searches all over. All over. In the ceilings, under the beds, all over the place. But they could not find me.

And then my wife told them that, "I told you people that I had separated with that man ever since and I do not know his location." And the duty commander with the manpower who went there, their commander was a corporal, and then it was then Corporal Clay said, "Old mom, your daughter has a long living person because she was blessed by God, because the way we captured her, if we had brought her here and if we had seen T Zaymay here, we would have taken him to the President. It was an instruction given to us that if we came here and saw him here, he was declared a rebel, we were to kill him. Because - but now your daughter is free. All she told us was true."

And then we are now leaving. But the thing that we will do wouldn't have been small. Those rebels who came --

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