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Yes. Captain Amos Garlo was assigned before as the - at the Post Stockade, the prison compound, at the BTC. Colonel Bingo was our MP commander. And when Colonel Bingo was killed on the spot, and because Amos Garlo was a Krahn man, he moved. He moved straight to the MP headquarters and took over as the MP commander and he now remained. So the topic that my wife and her brother Yassieh were discussing about the divorce between my wife and I and that the case had gone before the MP commander, Amos Garlo was convinced because by then he was not in command and he did not know the story. And being that Yassieh was a different tribe, and he was also a Military Police personnel, when Yassieh explained, he believed it.

So they said, "Okay, what we're going to do, we'll not just release you. We will see what you can do tomorrow." And then Yassieh, my brother-in-law, he got into his car and he drove straight to Careysburg where I was, at his aunt's residence where I was. And when he got there he said, "Old mom, where is T Zaymay?" Because he was a soldier well dressed, so the people were afraid to tell him my location. And they said, "No." He said, "No, T Zaymay is my friend. Massa, his wife, is in jail at the MP headquarters."

And so when I came and he told - he told my mom that "If T Zaymay is here, I want it talk to him." It was not easy for the mother to turn me over to them. She swore and she later showed where I was. They came there and he told me, he said, "Oh, man, you are blessed by God. Even my sister has been arrested and I knew they were going to come here with MPs together with her, and if they saw you here they were going to arrest you. So I want you leave this place." And I moved from there. I said, "Okay. No problem."

And then I said, "But what happened with the salary issue?" And they said it was no salary issue. It was an idea designed by the government. And they said, "In fact, many of your brothers were arrested. They were arrested. So I am going back. I have to be on duty tonight. You have to leave this place and go further into the bush." And I said, "Okay." And then I left.

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