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He was a Mende boy. Not a Gio, a Mende. So, you know, the other tribes were free in the army and Francis too was assigned with one of the ministers. So Francis was free in the army. And when Francis heard that his sister had - my wife had been arrested, Francis went there. And then - and Francis and my wife, they spoke their ethnic - their tribe, Mende. They spoke it to each other. And then Francis said, "Oh, why did you arrest my wife - no, I mean my sister?" My sister and her husband had divorced ever since.

There was a case between the two of them about the support for the children in the presence of the late Colonel Bingo, the MP commander. And that only the wife should report to Colonel Bingo for the children's support. And that she and T Zaymay are no longer together and that I can prove that. Because Yassieh too was an MP, and at that time another man had taken over as the MP commander. He was a Krahn man. He was called Captain Amos Garlo. He was the MP commander, a Krahn man, at that time.

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