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No. At that time I was in hiding at Careysburg, so I took my ID card and I gave it to my wife to go and get my salary. When the woman went they arrested her and they kept her for 72 hours, three days, and they told her that she knew my location and that if she did not show where I was, she will be confined for a lifetime in prison and she will be charged for aiding a rebel. And he said they knew her husband to be T Zaymay and he hailed from Nimba County and my wife said, "Oh, my husband and I divorced ever since. It is only sometimes at the end of the month that he gives me some money to feed the children." And she said, "I do not even know the location of T Zaymay at this time." And luckily her brother was also a captain - was also a lieutenant in the army he was called Francis Yassieh.

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