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By Edward Slinger, S-L-I-N-G-E-R. And he said in fact those bodies were now at the mansion. So we said, "Oh, God, thank you. The man who brought his problem into this country has been captured and killed," so we hoped that the problem was to an end and that there will be total peace for us. We did not know that it was a lie and that in fact that was now going to be the worst time than even before.

So we paraded to the commanding general's office at the BTC. All units. And when we went and watched, we saw a pick-up coming in with a lot of men on board and they were jubilating. And they stopped by with the muzzle of the arms and they got down and they took the body from the car and they threw the body down.

I knew Quiwonkpa. He trained me in '79. He was the staff sergeant and he was the one that they killed. He was wearing a jeans trousers with an African shirt. They drove the body all over the place on the tarmac road and he was cut into pieces and he was beheaded and the head was thrown to all the soldiers and they told them that, "This was your commanding general that you were jubilating for. So now you have to use it to play football today." And when they threw the head over to you, you needed to kick it. If you refused doing so you'll be shot at. And they even killed nine soldiers on that scene for refusing to kick the head as a football. And from there --

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