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Samuel Kanyon Doe, the President at that time, was advising Harrison Penaud and he said, "You, Harrison Penaud, this should be the end of it." And we saw Penaud get on to his knees and he said, "Yes, sir." And he said, "The commanding general has given you a complaint on several occasions." And he said, "You have been doing things that are not good and now I have given the commanding general the order that next time you go there they should arrest you and the commanding general is capable of arresting you. You just leave here, you go there to the camp with 10, 15 men and the commanding general controls the whole brigade. And in case he commanded men to get at you, will you be able to shoot at them all?" And he said, "Yes, sir." And at that time he used to come to the barracks and after the advice he no longer came to the barracks. He will now stay outside the barracks and send Tailey and his men and they will grab people and take them away.

But we stayed on until I think it was about after three days when they announced over the radio that Thomas G Quiwonkpa had been captured and killed by Edward Slinger. So all soldiers should parade to the barracks to the commanding general's office and he said they were bringing the body there.

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