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Okay. I will call the name. So at that time at any time the commanding general said, "Look, if I call for formation, you guys are soldiers, you should stay in the barracks. The Krahn guys should not have gone into disarray into the streets. They are killing people. So if anyone of you went out and if you met with your own death, that is your business. I am the commanding general. I'm saying everybody should stay here. Nobody should go anywhere." And that did not suffice. When the commanding general spoke, he went back to his office. And in the evening, about 10, 11 at night, the same squad headed by Captain Tailey, they will just come in their jeeps and they stopped the cars, they will get down from the cars and they will start looking around.

You know, when we joined the army - when I joined the army, many guys from Grand Gedeh, I joined together with them. So when those guys got there, they knew exactly who was Gio and who was Mano. And when they got down they will just look around and they will just grab people like chickens, send them into the cars, into the pick-ups, and then they will move with a group. And before you could know, then you will just see a "pow, pow, pow" and kill people. And the commanding general too became angry and he went to the President straightaway.

He told Samuel Kanyon Doe that, "You should advise" - that, "You should get advice from Harrison Penaud." Harrison Penaud was Doe's brother. He is one of the PRC men. He was one of the "I don't care" men in the government. Everybody knew that. Everybody knew about Harrison Penaud's behaviours. So he said, "You should advise your Harrison Penaud. I am the commanding general of the army. It is not everybody here in the army that are rebels. These guys were on duty under my command when the rebels invaded this country. And should we declare everybody enemy, who would we command?" He said, "Harrison Penaud and his Tailey are constantly going to invade my brigade, arrest my soldiers and execute them over and again." So he said, "I will not like this, and if you don't want me to continue serving as your commanding general, you should tell me that and I will resign."

Doe sent for Penaud and that was on the TV. Everybody saw it on the TV. And he said, "Penaud, you --

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