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The loyal troops from the 1st Battalion moved to the radio station and they dislodged Quiwonkpa and his men from the radio station. And there was a cassette that Doe had recorded at Schefflein. They went there and they played that cassette and that provided maximum security and they deployed heavy troops at the radio station and they announced over the air and he said, "I am Samuel Kanyon Doe. I am still in power. There is no escape route for any rebel." And he said Quiwonkpa, who said - he said, "Quiwonkpa's coup has failed." He said, "I am Samuel Kanyon Doe, President of Liberia." And he said, "Every Liberian citizen who knows or who is aware of the rebels, you should kill them, you should bring their bodies and we will put them - you should report them to us and if you kept them under cover and they were discovered by us, you too will be treated like a rebel."

And they started playing the national anthem of Liberia and right up there the situation changed and we were still sitting at the MP headquarters when we saw a group of SATU. SATU was the special bodyguard unit assigned with the President at that time, the SATU troops who were trained at Camp Israel. They saw the SATU troops. They came in with trucks straight to the Post Stockade where all the cabinet ministers had been confined for the ministers of the PRC government. They went there, they broke open the cells, they brought the prisoners outside.

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