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When they broke open the Post Stockade cells and set everybody free he said every one of them should go back to their respective places in the barracks and relax. He said he did not want any soldiers to get to the streets. He said, "The men I brought with me do not know you and you too do not know them and I do not want any blood shed. You should remain calm." From there he got on top of his Mohawk again and proceeded to an unknown destination.

So all of us in the soldiers including our commanders, we were all jubilating. We were all happy for his return. We left and went to the MP headquarters. Whilst we were sitting down at the MP headquarters there was a land phone. There was one land phone on the desk, on the MP's desk. The phone rang and when the phone rang, our Military Police commander at that time Colonel Bingo from Lofa - Colonel Joseph Bingo from Lofa, he came outside and when the telephone started ringing all of us who were there were afraid to touch the telephone and Colonel Bingo went and picked up the telephone and answered and he said yes. He said, "Who am I speaking with?" And then Samuel Kanyon Doe called his name and he said, "I am the President. I am talking to you Colonel Bingo, MP commander." He said, "Which of the Presidents?" And Doe said, "What do you mean by that?" And he said, "Yes, sir." He said, "Quiwonkpa is in the country. He announced that he is here. And tell me who is the President talking?" He said, "I, Samuel Kanyon Doe." He said, "I want you to move the troops now to the brigade headquarters."

And at that time before Quiwonkpa could even come to the barracks, most of the PRC members who were there with Doe at that time were arrested and they were confined at the Post Stockade. All of his cabinet members - all of Doe's cabinet members were arrested and locked up in Post Stockade. And Quiwonkpa said he did not want any of Doe's people executed. He did not want any bloodshed. So at that time people were still bringing in prisoners - prisoners to the Post Stockade.

And then the MP commander told Doe that, "You see - you said I should move the troops to the brigade headquarters to arrest the people. How could I go? I am not armed. I am not armed. How do I get there? And these men, they are well armed. They have artillery pieces, RPGs, rocket propelled grenades, grenade launchers, GMGs, calibres. They have all the heavy weapons and how do I get there to these people?"

And it was right away that the phone cut off. And then the MP commander told us, he said, "Look, something is happening." He said, "Doe is in power. Doe is static. Doe gave me orders to conduct arrests. I cannot endanger the lives of you people now, so you sit down. You stop dancing. Sit down." And all of us sat down.

And in less than three hours the 1st Battalion that was loyal to Samuel Kanyon Doe headed by Colonel Wright, Moses Wright, he was a Krahn man - we did not know how Doe got to Schefflein I mean - and from Monrovia to Schefflein is a long distance. How did Doe get there? The troops moved to the FM where Quiwonkpa and Prince Johnson's men were.

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