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On top of a war tank. So, you know, he said he had now entered. So our commanders from whom we were supposed to take orders to either fire guns or to do any other thing, all of them started crying over the man and all of us - all of them went to the brigade headquarters and Quiwonkpa asked where is the commanding general in charge. Morris T Zehzeh [phon] was the commanding general in charge. Morris T Zehzeh had been the deputy commanding general to Quiwonkpa and when Quiwonkpa left he took over. And the commanding general ran away when he saw Quiwonkpa coming. Instead of staying to take orders, he ran away. When Quiwonkpa entered there all of us followed him and Cooper - he said, "Cooper Teah, you stay here as acting commanding general with your men." And then he got on top of the Mohawk and he moved to Post Stockade and he asked, "Where is the Post Stockade commander?" He said, "Is there any soldier in jail?" They burst into the cells and freed the soldier prisoners and he asked every one of them to remain calm and stay in the barracks and he said, "You shouldn't get into the streets because you don't know the men I brought with me and they too do not know you, so I don't want anyone" --

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