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So, for example, Madam Witness, on 17 June - for your Honours and opposing counsel, I'm referring to page 42776 - the Defence counsel asked you:

"At the time when you had come back from Sierra Leone back to Harbel, you were still superintendent, John Mark was your deputy. You made trips to Guinea and Abidjan to buy various items. During the time when all of this was happening, who was President of Liberia?"

And your answer was: "Well, I was doing my business up to the time Amos Sawyer took over." Then the question was: "Were you still based in Harbel when Amos Sawyer took over?" And your answer was: "Yes, but we did not take long there when we left." And you were asked, "Why did you leave Harbel?" "It was the fighting."

Madam Witness, are you aware that Amos Sawyer became President of the interim transitional government in Liberia in late 1990?

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