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Thank you, Madam Kallon. Can we have the transcript of 27 October 2008. The relevant page is 19316. Madam Kallon, I just want to clarify something regarding what this witness said. The witness who testified was Ibrahim Fofana. The witness testified openly. The TF1 number is 216. And the witness made reference to a name here that I want to ask you about and I'll do this as quickly as I can. The witness said that he was born in Tonkolili District. The witness said in February of 1998 - I am now at line 14 on that page into line 17 - he says in February in 1998 the witness was in Kono in the particular village of Paema Town. And we go over to the next page, page 19318 - sorry, that's two pages over. The witness said in that February 1998 something happened in his village. He said a squad of soldiers - I am now between lines 11 and 21 - the witness said a squad of soldiers entered his village, they started harassing people, and they referenced an operation called Operation Pay Yourself. We go over to page 19320 between lines 17 and 20. The witness said another operation that these soldiers spoke about was called Operation No Living Thing. First they were speaking about Operation Pay Yourself, then the witness said another time came when they changed the expression and they called it Operation No Living Thing. Then we move over to the next page, page 19321. They asked the witness how long he stayed in Paema - this is at line 8 - after the soldiers came. And he responded, and then at line 13 he said when the soldiers went there, people started running away. They were going to Sandor and Sandor is towards Guinea. Sandor is another place on the way to Guinea. Then we go over to the next page, page 19327 - sorry, we should go to 19327. Skip a few pages. Line 9, the witness was asked whether he left his house when he crossed over into Guinea - sorry, the witness was asked:

"Q. Did you leave anybody in your house when you crossed

over to Guinea?

A. Yes, somebody was in the house. That was my aunt.

Mammy Isatu. She couldn't walk.

Q. Mammy Isatu, you said she couldn't work or she couldn't

- I heard 'walk'. What did you say? Was it walk or work?

A. She couldn't walk for any far distance. She was an old


And then they spell the name Isatu, and then the witness said they left Guinea while the woman remained in - essentially, the witness says he walked and we crossed over to Sandor, we passed through Kumba Jende and we went. Let's stop there. This name that is mentioned is what I want to ask you about, Mammy Isatu. First of all, do you know somebody called Ibrahim Fofana who was born in Tonkolili District?

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