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Very well. Let's continue with Isaac Mongor's testimony. Same page, line 9, a question is asked of Isaac Mongor:

"Q. At the camp did the recruits have food provided for


A. Yes, we used to receive supplies from Gbarnga. We used

to receive rice that they used to bring in bags. We used

to receive medicines.

Q. Did you have any weapons or ammunition in the camp?

A. We had weapons that were there with Foday Sankoh and

myself, who was an instructor, I had my own personal weapon

that I took to the place there and Mike Lamin himself - all

of us who were instructors, we all had weapons.

Q. Where did the weapons come from?

A. Those weapons came from Gbarnga and they were NPFL


Q. When you talked about the rice and supplies coming from

Gbarnga, where in Gbarnga did it come from? From who?

A. The supplies were coming from the Executive Ground,

that is Gbarnga where Mr Taylor was, and it was Mr Taylor

who used to supply those foods to us."

Let's pause. Madam Kallon, you have told us of the supplies you provided to Foday Sankoh and those he was training at Camp Naama. You spoke of going there and cooking for them. You spoke of taking things like cassava, potatoes, rice to them --

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