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Shall we go to line 26, please, of that page. Question to Isaac Mongor:

"Q. Were all of you teaching the same subjects, or were

there different subjects covered by different trainers?

A. Yes, we had different subjects that we used to teach.

Like in my case, and together with Mohamed Tarawalli,

Gongano, Sam Dripo, we gave them the physical training..." Now listen to this, Madam Kallon. Isaac Mongor said:

"... but I was the first person who had been there for

almost six months before the others met me there."

Let's pause. What Isaac Mongor is telling the Court - you remember how this all started - he said he was given an assignment to go and train Foday Sankoh's men. This assignment was given to him by Charles Taylor, who he referred to as the brother of Pa Morlai. He said he received this assignment about March or April of 1990, and later on here, based on what I've read, he tells the Court that he was the first person who had been at this Camp Naama for almost six months before the other persons came and met him there.

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