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Thank you, Madam Kallon. Shall we go to another transcript, please, this is the transcript of 10 March 2008, starting at page 5661. The witness testifying was Isaac Mongor. Line 3, page 5661.

Madam Kallon, somebody named Isaac Mongor came before this Court in March 2008 and they testified for a rather lengthy period of time, some eight days, some of it occurring in April 2008. I want to read to you what this person who called themselves Isaac Mongor said to the Court. Line 3:

"Q. Mr Witness, when was it? Do you recall the year it

was that you were given this new assignment?"

The witness had earlier on said that they were given a new assignment to go and train people who were to go and fight in Sierra Leone. It's at the top of that same page. So Isaac Mongor said he was given an assignment to go and train people who were to go and fight in Sierra Leone. His response was:

"It was in 1990. That was the time I was given the assignment to go and train those people."

And then at line 10 he narrows it down to somewhere around March or April of 1990. He says he cannot be exact but it could be within that period, March or April 1990 he receives this assignment.

At line 15 of that page Isaac Mongor says at that time he was one of the Executive Mansion Guards and he's referring to his time with the NPFL he was an Executive Mansion Guard and he was given an assignment.

Shall we go to the next page, page 5662. At line 4 he said:

"He called me to go and train people who will go and fight in Sierra Leone, so he handed me over to his friend, that is Pa Morlai, for me to go and assist train his people."

He's speaking of Mr Taylor here. Isaac Mongor says Mr Taylor handed him over to Pa Morlai to go and assist and train Pa Morlai's people. Madam Kallon, I see you are smiling, but just listen, I will pose the question and you will be able to express your views on this.

Now, continuing on that page at line 17, Isaac Mongor said:

"A. It was Mr Taylor who told me to go with his brother

who was Pa Morlai for me to assist him train his people.

He was the one who told me."

"Q. Where exactly were you when Mr Taylor told you to go

and train Foday Sankoh's people?

A. I was on the ground where Mr Taylor was, that is his

Executive Mansion, that is Gbarnga. That was where I was

when he handed me over to Foday Sankoh for me to go and

train his people."

We go to the next page, page 5663, line 6, Isaac Mongor said:

"I went through the training at Camp Naama and that was the AFL military base. That was the area and we had already been in control of that area, so that was the area where they sent me to to train the people."

He goes on to say that Charles Taylor had given that place to Foday Sankoh for his men to be trained there. He referred to the place as Camp Naama in Bong County in Liberia. We go to lines 20, 21. They asked Isaac Mongor:

"Q. Who were the people that were training there?

A. Well, I was training people there who were Sierra

Leoneans and I had already told you that Mr Taylor had

passed an order that they should arrest Sierra Leoneans and

Nigerians, and who had already been jailed. So at the

time, when the issue of the training came up, those Sierra

Leoneans who were already in jail, we used to go to their

cells and then take them to the base. We will take them

from there to the base. So, Mr Taylor had given us one

Toyota truck that was what we used to transport the

recruits to the base."

Let's pause there. Madam Kallon, you mentioned somebody by the name of Isaac Mingo. You said you were in Firestone, Harbel, when this person came back one day with John Kargbo. You identified that person first as NPFL. You said you housed them in the house of another person not far from yours right there in Harbel. You said you provided assistance to Kargbo, Isaac and the others. I think one other person you mentioned at that time was Bangura. You said that after Pa Morlai had moved his people to Sokoto, also known as Camp Naama, that this person Isaac was still with you in the vicinity of Harbel, and you said all of a sudden one day he disappeared and when he came back, Kargbo and others asked him where he had been, and that's when he said he had been at Camp Naama. And you spoke of a discussion he had with Kargbo, where Kargbo told him something to the effect that he wasn't Sierra Leonean and he should not expect to receive a position or a high position by virtue of having gone to Sokoto.

Now, someone named Isaac Mongor came here. First question: This person said they were training Sierra Leoneans at Camp Naama. The person you know as Isaac Mingo, Madam Kallon, to your knowledge did that person train any of Foday Sankoh's people at Camp Naama?

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