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Very well. Mr Mallah came here, this is at page - let's start at the previous page 20096. Just the page before the one that was just displayed. At line 23 the question was asked of Mr Mallah:

"Q. How long did you remain assigned at Zogoda?

A. I was there from 1994 up to the ending of 1994, when

Foday Sankoh said that he was going to send me on a mission

to Sierra Rutile."

And then on to the next page, Mr Mallah said that Mohamed Tarawalli was the field commander who was to lead them on that mission. We go to line 12 of that page, Mr Mallah was asked what the mission to Sierra Rutile was and Mr Mallah spoke of Mohamed Tarawalli coming to join them, that Foday Sankoh told them that he had received advice that they should go and attack Sierra Rutile, that Foday Sankoh said the advice came from the other side, they were in a formation and Foday Sankoh said the advice came from the other side that they should attack Sierra Rutile and terrorise the area, starting with the civilians, the towns, and to capture if possible the white employees who were there. At line 28 a question was asked of Augustine Mallah:

"Q. And when he said he received advice from the other

side, did he tell you what he meant by that?

A. Yes, he later told us that it was from Charles Taylor."

And when we read along that page, page 20098, Augustine Mallah said that Foday Sankoh told them they needed to do something which would be of concern to the Sierra Leonean government and the international community. He went on later in his response to say that Foday Sankoh said they should destroy the company's equipment and property, they should burn the entire area, and at line 23 he said, this is Foday Sankoh told them, "He said if possible we should capture the white people who had been employed there and we should send them to him." And at line 28 Augustine Mallah continued, "He said that would raise concern to the international community."

On the next page 20099 and into 20100 Augustine Mallah talks about how the mission was carried out and how they captured white employees, four of them at a Sironco Company, and how they captured three employees at Sierra Rutile and four at Monkanji, for a total of seven. The Sironco Company was in Monkanji, they captured a total of seven employees and that they sent the white employees, and that they sent the white employees whom they had captured, seven of them, to Foday Sankoh at Zogoda.

Let's pause there. Madam Kallon, you told us of the RUF capture of white men and you mentioned I believe Kabala and you mentioned another place, I think you said Panguma. What places do you remember these white employees - sorry, these white men you referred to were captured from?

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