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Thank you, Madam Kallon. Now, that's it for Perry Kamara. Let's move on to another witness. This is the transcript for 14 April 2008. The witness in question testified using a pseudonym. The pseudonym is TF1-516. April 14, 2008, page 7480.

Now, Madam Kallon, just listen to what this witness said. It's a very short excerpt I wish to read. Starting at line 25 of that page, learned counsel opposite, Mr Bangura - well, I was asking the questions. I asked the witness a question:

"Q. Do you know somebody by the name of Steve Bio,

Mr Witness?

A. Bio?"

Mr Bangura having assisted with the proper pronunciation of Bio, then on the next page, page 7481, the witness gives his answer:

"A. I can remember that name Steve Bio.

Q. Who is Steve Bio?

A. That he was also a man working in the interests of the

external delegation of the RUF and the external delegation

of the RUF comprises one Palmer - Captain Palmer,

Deen-Jalloh, and Fayia Musa and who was the spokesperson of

the RUF at that time, Pa Kallon and one other woman I don't

know, Iye, something Iye. And Steve Bio used to direct

them, he used to move with them, more especially during

the time the general adjutant of the RUF Kposowa had

communication link with the soldiers, the Sierra Leone


Then they spell Iye for the record. Madam Kallon, do you know somebody by the name of Steve Bio?

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