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Let's go over to the next page, Perry Kamara's evidence from 4 February 2008. The page is 3057, starting at line 3. Madam Kallon, this is still Perry Kamara answering questions before the Court. Line 3 a question was asked:

"Q. Mr Witness, can you again tell the Court the route

that you understood Mr Simbo to have taken - Dr Simbo to

have taken to come to Zogoda?

A. According to what Mr Simbo said, he said he was from

Liberia. He went to Ivory Coast to Mr Deen-Jalloh and

others. He said he did not stay too long then he managed

to enter Guinea, but in Guinea the RUF people who were the

senior people like Mamie Iye, they used to disguise and

enter into Guinea. For example, that woman entered into

Guinea and then she was captured by the Guinean government

and sent back over back to Sierra Leone to the Sierra

Leonean government. Then Dr Simbo also used that

opportunity and in fact he was escorted by Mamie Iye and

then he took her from Ivory Coast, they came to Guinea and

then he managed, escaped and entered into Sierra Leone.

That was how he entered. And when he game to Ngiema, that

was in Kailahun, he was given few security escorts."

And then your name is spelt. They spell Mamie Iye and then at line 25 Perry Kamara said, after having been asked:

"Q. Now where did Dr Simbo come from? Where was he coming


A. He was from Liberia and went to Ivory Coast to join a

delegation that was based there. From there himself and

Mamie Iye managed to enter Sierra Leone through Guinea.

That was how they passed."

Let's pause there, Madam Kallon. You heard reference to your name, Mamie I. Perry Kamara told this Court that Dr Simbo was from Liberia. You told us that the person you knew as Dr Sebo was a Ghanaian. Do you know whether Dr Simbo, when you met him in Ivory Coast, had just come from Liberia?

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