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Let me continue reading what Perry Kamara told the Court. Same page, 3056. I stopped at line 12. The spelling of Simbo is then put on the record and then Perry Kamara was asked to continue his response and he said:

"A. Dr Simbo when I saw him, he was a man that brought

satellite phone from Ivory Coast through - he passed

through Liberia. He said he came from Liberia but he

passed through Ivory Coast and entered into the RUF

territory. At that time we had now established

communication with the people that we sent to Ivory Coast

and that was when himself and Sankoh spoke and he said he

had a satellite phone - he had satellite phone that he was

doing business with. And then he said they passed through

- he came from Liberia and then he went to Ivory Coast,

Kailahun, Zogoda and then he brought the satellite phone

that Sankoh was using in 1995 up to 1996 when Sankoh left."

Let's pause there. Madam Kallon, the Dr Sebo that you met in the vicinity of Danane, that you took to Gueckedou, that you kept in a hotel in Gueckedou when you went to the Gbemalu riverside to find a way to get into Sierra Leone, that you picked up from the hotel, took across Gbemalu into Sierra Leone, did that Dr Sebo carry a satellite phone with him?

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