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Now, you heard King Perry mention somebody called Dr Simbo. You have testified about somebody called Dr Sebo. You mentioned this Dr Sebo in relation to a trip you made with him from the Ivory Coast to Guinea, specifically Gueckedou, and how you took him through the Guinean-Sierra Leonean border into Sierra Leone. You said Dr Sebo went there because some white men had been held hostage by the RUF.

King Perry mentions Dr Sebo in relation to the white men and Deen-Jalloh. He said it was around the time that the white people went with Deen-Jalloh that they received another stranger. After the RUF had based in the Ivory Coast, bought a house, bought a radio, they received another stranger called Dr Simbo, that Dr Simbo was a man who bought instruments.

First question, Madam Kallon, do you know somebody called Dr Simbo, Simbo?

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