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We continue with Perry Kamara's, same page, page 3055. Learned counsel opposite Mr Bangura, I believe, was speaking. The question was:

"Q. Mr Witness, can you just briefly explain again, it

wasn't quite clear to me, how the timing of setting up a

diplomatic relationship should be linked to the white men.

It was not clear. Can you explain that again, please? You

mentioned something about one should be timed to the other.

A. Okay, during the time he said this was when he said

that when we will be leaving to release those people,

the whites who were captured from Sierra Rutile and he said

that should be the same time that the people were

appointing; that we were using them as civilians as

hostages and we should leave all of them together, release

all of them together to go. As long as they have money

they will travel to Ivory Coast and that was how it

happened. When the Red Cross came to receive the white

people they all went together with Deen-Jalloh. We just

pretended as though they were people who were also captured

so we are now releasing them to go and then when they went

they went with the money and established a base in the

Ivory Coast. That was where they were. When they got to

the Ivory Coast they bought a house for the RUF and bought

a radio and that was where they were based and from there

we received another stranger. He was called Dr Simbo.

Dr Simbo was a man who brought instruments."

Let's pause there. King Perry elaborated on his answer. He said the plan was when they were releasing these white men who had been captured by the RUF, at that time they would release others to go with them. Those others had not been captured, but they would just accompany the white men and they would go and set a base or establish a base in the Ivory Coast. He said when the Red Cross came to receive the white people, they all went together with Deen-Jalloh. Madam Kallon, do you remember an instance when white persons were held hostage by the RUF, the Red Cross was involved and the white persons were released to Deen-Jalloh? Do you recall such an event ever happening?

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