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We go over to the next page, page 3054. Perry Kamara says:

"A. Well, Sierra Rutile is a mining company. They dug for

bauxite and other minerals that I don't know of.

Q. When was this attack on Sierra Rutile?

A. It was in late 1994 to 5.

Q. What happened during the attack?

A. During this attack the RUF reported about the manager

and otherwise that were captured together with him and

also the missions commander for that particular mission was

CO Mohamed Tarawalli. He came with money and the money was

in the rice bag together with the white man. When they

brought this money the money was reported to Foday Sankoh

and all of these went through the radio message. And

anything that happened at that time the communications

systems in the total RUF will receive that message at the

time. When they brought this money, we monitored a call,

he called the NPFL radio station and he sent message to

Mr Taylor about this money and when Mr Taylor told him

that, 'You have to save that money to do some other things

with it, for instance to get ammunition, food and drugs for

your fighters.' Then he kept the money for some time.

Then also, 'You can use this money to establish diplomatic

relationship with the outside world.' He showed him ways

to establish the diplomatic relationship with the outside

world. He told him, and then he did it. We all saw it. I

saw it myself.

Q. How was he advised? How was Foday Sankoh advised to

establish a diplomatic relationship with the outside world?

A. What he did, he said the civilians that were amongst us

who were educated people, he should send them through

Guinea because by then the Liberian border was closed. He

said he should be able to send them through Guinea so that

they can travel to Ivory Coast and then buy a house there,

get a base there and then get a radio communications there.

But how will they have done this? He said they should do

that through the white men who were captured at Rutile and

at the time they should be released. That was the time the

people should go with them. Who was appointed for that

mission was Fayia Musa, Deen-Jalloh, Mr Palmer and their


Let's pause there. Madam Kallon, Perry Kamara, if you understand what I've just read, was saying to the Court that Foday Sankoh spoke with Charles Taylor. Foday Sankoh received advice from Charles Taylor about sending the educated civilians within them, that is, the RUF, the educated people, through Guinea so they could travel to Ivory Coast, and that in the Ivory Coast they should buy a house and they should be based there. This was to be accomplished through the white men who had been captured at Rutile, that at the time of the release of the white men who had been captured, they should go with the white men. The persons they named here that were appointed for that mission were Fayia Musa, Deen-Jalloh, Mr Palmer and their families. Are you aware of this particular mission that Perry Kamara was telling the Court about?

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