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Well, Perry Kamara came before the Court, and he testified here during the month of February in 2008. At line 5 of that transcript - and the transcript is no longer up. Yes, there is it. Line 5, there's a question asked of him:

"Q. Do you recall what sort of subjects would be discussed

at this time that there were no supplies coming through?

What would be the subject of their communication?

A. Yes, you know, as we all observed the process in Sierra

Leone, Mr Sankoh always - was always advised by Mr Taylor.

At any time Mr Sankoh received message from Mr Taylor we

will undertake a serious attack. The RUF will attack the

government troops. On many occasions as a radioman of the

RUF I received, I monitored, I read from the logbooks, for

example, when a place like Sierra Rutile, because Sankoh

told us that he wanted to look for a major place that he

would attack according to Mr Taylor's advice."

Let's pause there. Madam Kallon, there is reference here by King Perry to him being a radioman for the RUF. I referred to him as King Perry and I asked you about Perry Kamara. Let me start again. The person you know as Perry Kamara, do you know if he also answered the name King Perry?

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