The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Very well. Thank you. Now, Madam Kallon, I want to switch topics and I want us to consider some of the evidence that this Court has heard during the course of this trial. Witnesses have come before this Court. Before you are now testifying, others have come and they have told the Court about various events and I want read to you some of what has been said to the Court and I want to get your reaction or responses to some of what I'll read to you.

Now, the first transcript I wish to consider with you is from 4 February 2008. That's 4 February 2008 beginning at page 3053. It's an open session transcript, page 3053. The witness who was then testifying before the Court was TF1-360. I wonder if has - I think it has been pulled up, but for some reason I am unable to see it. Yes, I see it. Very well. Now, 4 February 2008.

Madam Kallon, do you know somebody by the name of Perry Kamara?

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