The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Thank you, Madam Kallon. Now, a few questions for you in relation to Charles Taylor. You have testified now for several days. You have spoken about meeting someone called Pa Morlai when you were in the vicinity of Firestone Harbel in Liberia before there was war in Sierra Leone. You knew that person through the time when you knew his name was Foday Sankoh. You've testified about several radio contacts with this person Foday Sankoh. You've testified about meetings with him. You've testified about him entrusting you with responsibility on various occasions to take people from Sierra Leone through Guinea to the Ivory Coast to go to places such as the Kambia District for a particular purpose, in that instance to resolve a conflict involving Tall Bai Bureh. During the entire period of time when you interacted with Pa Morlai and Foday Sankoh, did the name Charles Taylor come up? Did the two of you discuss Charles Taylor?

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