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By that time I did not know where they met Johnny Paul because that place is a big place. Later we were sitting down when Johnny Paul and Jumu Jalloh came in. When they came that was the first day. The two of them, Foday Sankoh and Johnny Paul, that was the first day for the two of them to meet, so they embraced each other in joy. We all clapped and we sat down.

As we were sitting down, Charles Taylor called us and told us that he has been charged with the responsibility to make peace between the two of them, and he said henceforth they should go to Sierra Leone in peace because the war has over. Now that they have gone for the peace, they should leave in unity as they go along. So that was what was said when we went away, our separate ways. Johnny Paul's own vehicle took him and they went and we too went to our place in Congo Town.

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