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So, the article that I'm about to refer to is an article from the Sierra News and it's dated Wednesday June 28, 2000. Mrs Dogolea, you should see that at the top of that page. The title of the article is "Liberia's VP killed for Salone." Going to read out is view of the paragraphs below that. It says:

"The death of Liberia's Vice-President, Enoch Dogolea, which took in Abidjan at the second following a week-week illness has been attributed to his contrasting with views with President Charles Taylor over the crisis in Sierra Leone, reports to CDF website. He was said to have policy differences with Mr Taylor over the handling of the civil war in Sierra Leone. Sources quoted by the site indicate that he was against any Liberian government support to the RUF rebels. A government source was quoted as saying that Vice-President Dogolea was described as a lone voice in Mr Taylor's government. He is on record to have been opposed to be moral or logistical support to the Sierra Leonean rebels."

And I will stop there for the moment. Mrs Dogolea, it's correct, isn't it, that your husband was a lone voice in Mr Taylor's government in relation to his opposition to support of the RUF, correct?

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