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Your Honour, if I could make a brief submission.

The Prosecution would request that the Trial Chamber order some review of the audiotape on the witness channel for today - I believe it was about page 50 of my LiveNote - and that was when Ms Howarth had asked the witness about whether a phone call was arranged with Charles Taylor. The witness - the transcript indicates answer "no". To be honest, I was listening on the witness channel, not the interpretation, and I heard the witness, I thought, say "yes" and something. I didn't know what it was, so I looked at the LiveNote to see if the interpreter - how it would come out on LiveNote, and I see that nothing came out on LiveNote. So I think it would be in the interests of the accuracy of the record if at the next break - my understanding is Ms Howarth expects to finish the testimony during this session. But before the witness is released, if the interpreter could go to the booth where the tapes are and listen at that point. I think it was at about 11 - just before 11.30, to see whether or not there was anything on the witness channel that was stated by the witness besides "no" in answer to that question.

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