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So, Mrs Dogolea, there's an article in front of you. The article is entitled "Liberia: Former house speaker Makomanah requests ten containers of blood at Duport Road Massacre, witness testifies." The article is dated Jan, short for January, 22, 2008 by Michael Kpayili. I'm going to read part of the article out, Mrs Dogolea. So it begins:

"A startling testimonies have been revealed at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearing with terrified stories been told by junior actors of the civil conflict in Liberia. Appearing before the hearing yesterday, an ex-fighter of the defunct National Patriotic Front of Liberia, Alfred Swendeblee, said" - and then it goes on to say what he talks about in his testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and I'm skipping to the paragraph beginning "commenting." It explains:

"Commenting on the death of former Vice-President Enoch Dogolea, witness Swendeblee revealed that the bodyguards of former President Charles Taylor laid the Liberian former Vice-President into mattresses and flogged him upon the instruction of former President Charles Taylor. He said the strategy of torturing someone by laying the physical body between mattresses was designed to destroy evidence detecting any mark on one's physical body. He said the flogging of Mr Dogolea came as a result of policy difference with former President Charles Taylor."

Before I forget perhaps I might ask for this to be given an MFI.

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